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Improving your Computer & IT skills


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Whether you are starting to learn the computer or improving your computer skills both can help you keep in touch with friends and family, get on at work or to help with further learning.

Computers are the new adult literacy of the time and we need to have some grasp at any level, as computers have become an everyday part of our lives. Many older people feel that it is only they who have a fear f new technology, but that is not the case. As a trainer and an examiner I have seen 18 year olds take some time to grasp new skills and seen men and women from 55 to 93 take to computers like ducks to water!

Computers are what you want them to be, a functional office machine, or the greatest means of communication and entertainment that you poccess. The choice is yours

68 and wanting to keep in touch with family and friends does not mean you have to do an ECDL course. You may only need to know how to access a word processor for letters, an email programme for writing and sending emails, learn what instant messaging programmes are available that will allow you to communicate in real time, (fancy term for meaning there and then - same as you use the telephone, only you type instead).

Many programmes like Yahoo Messanger, ICQ, etc also allow you to use web cams ( think of a videowebcam image computers that shows you exactly as you are typing away at the keyboard) and if family or friends have one as well you can see them too. :-), no matter were they are in the world! Wear a head phone and you can also talk to them, for FREE!

When starting out there are core functions that you have to know;

  • How to use a mouse or touchpad - (Great way to learn mouse skills is to play card games like Solitaire that come with every new windows computer. )

  • How to use the keyboard, not for touch typing but how to access the different keys and functions .

  • The correct way of switching off your computer.

  • How to get to the different programms that you want to use.

  • How to use a word pocessing programme, email, & web browser for looking at websites etc.

  • How to save work that you have created.

  • And vitally some of the 'words' we use when using computers.

I am often asked why is that vital and my answer is that a little bit of knowledge makes you an informed consumer. As a result your confidence level grows and hearing these words around you and understanding them makes you feel less left out. Then the next time you want to buy something for the computer, or even a new one you will understand the simple way they function and the important parts that you need to understand that allows you to compare prices and shop around for the computer of your choice and budget.

How to improve your computer skills

Developing computer or information technology (IT) skills can help you access a range of resources and services, such as online banking or shopping.

If you want to progress to further learning, getting to grips with computers and the internet can help you save time and give you access to lots of free online resources, which can help you with course work and research.

Which computing course is right for you?

There are computing courses at all levels, for beginners and beyond. Many courses are flexible, so you can learn when you want and at your own pace.

Choose from a range of courses, from Getting Started to courses leading to qualifications.

Courses are often called IT or ICT (Information and Communications Technology). Many courses are flexible, so you can learn when you want and at your own pace.

You can also do specific courses on topics such as using the internet or email, and learn to touch type.

You can choose from a number of different courses to suit your needs.

There are those who wish upskill in order to gain certification and professionalism. The starting point on the roadmap to certification is;

Office Applications:

Internet & Web

ECDL WebstarterECDL Webstarter certification logo

ECDL Image Maker


Studio 8



More ways to improve your IT skills

There are many computer training courses available no matter what level of skill you have or what application that you wish to learn that will get you started or improve your level of knowledge and enhance both your job prospects and salary!




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